Market Myths & Realities: Understanding Market Myths & Realities From A CFA!


Hi, I’m John Healy, Chief Investment Officer of Healy Wealth Management. Thank you for taking some time to hear from us and what we have to say about the markets, the economy and all kinds of things. We’re trying to help you understand how not to get off track with your investments and your financial plans. We’re calling this Market Myths and Realities.

One of the market myths is that you can predict it. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen to the market this year. We have an election year this year. In other statistics, you could go back and see how the presidential elections have affected the economy or the markets. The reality is: it doesn’t matter. What I find perhaps most helpful when talking about investments is to try to clarify the things that people hear in the news.

For instance, this year you’re hearing a lot of people talk about the Fed, inflation and interest rates. We always talk about that with clients. We always try to go back to basics, and not get caught up in the noise of the news, which can get you off track so easily. Instead, focus on what counts.